Two People Injured After Chair Detaches From Lift At 49 Degrees North, WA

Though Saturday seemed to have started with a beautiful morning at 49 Degrees North in Washington, a rarity in the industry caused the injury of two visitors to the resort and has caused a chairlift to be shut down until further notice.

This past Saturday, December 5th, a chair detached for the haul line on Chair 1. There were two people on the chair at the time it came off, which was approximately 11 o'clock that morning. Ski patrol responded to the incident, which caused only minor injuries to the guests involved. 

The lift was shut down for about twenty minutes after the incident, though it was able to be restarted and all other guests were able to be unloaded safely.

"We are investigating this mechanical issue and Chair 1 will be closed until further notice. We will be working with industry experts and regulatory agencies to identify and rectify the issue." - 49 Degrees North Statement

Photo Credit: 49 Degrees North/FB


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