Welcome To The Ski Rex Media Merch Shop!!!

Is there any better way to show one's support and fandom than to become a walking bliiboard? I don't think there is. Please, take a look around and see if there is some Ski Rex Media merch that you'd like to pick up for yourself or someone else. For the time being, I have put merch with the logo on it on hold. Why? Well, a few months ago I updated the logo and have yet to get new logo merch designed and on the shop. However, I do have my "Half-Branded" merch still available. All the designs have the Ski Rex Media name, but not the logo. That includes the Poser Gear!!! Check it out and pick something up. Thank you!!!

It's Summertime...So I'm Selling Tshirts!!!

That's right, it's summertime. It's a time for short sleeves, short socks, short pants, and just about anything that will expose just enough skin to keep one cool. Though, how much skin one exposes is up to how comfortable that person is and local regualtions on nudity. Anyway, since it is that time to wear clothes that help keep us cool, I'm selling Ski Rex Media tshirts in the merch shop. Don't worry. As we get into fall I'll get everything set up for cold weather. For now, though, enjoy staying cool while showing off your Ski Rex Media fandom. Thanks!

Please check out the Ski Rex Media sponsors and partners. I love these folks and I think you would, too.